Your Official Guide to Becoming a High Class Courtesan

High class courtesanA high class courtesan is known to be the epitome of beauty, classiness, elegance, and sophistication. Becoming one of them is never difficult but it is also something you cannot just achieve overnight. As a high end international companionship agency, we only present nothing but the best companions. Our set of high class escorts stands to the true meaning of being a ‘courtesan’, they are not just women for physical pleasure, they are offering everything to make a gentleman reach euphoria in all ways,  from physical needs to psychological care and deep emotional understanding.

It is undeniable that there are now many companionship agencies offering escorts in various types, the true meaning of being a "courtesan" has now been tainted with negativity. However, Mona Lisa Models® international agency still upholds the real value of the courtesan experience. For the agency, an elite courtesan is a woman from the higher social strata, with exceptional intelligence, successful in her very own chosen field, and been living with grace, elegance, and sophistication. As a high end companionship agency, we want to reiterate clearly that our selection of high class companions is certainly not your typical escorts and they are only meant for a high profile gentleman who truly deserve them. We are sure you are one of these gentlemen, so why would you settle for less, when you can get the best here?

Our agency offers a range of high level professional models for successful gentleman who seek more than just pretty faces and alluring bodies. As a trusted international agency, we make sure that after filtering the most deserving applicants we never present them to our high profile clientele without undergoing several parts of training until they have achieved the high standards and qualities of a real high class courtesan.

The Journey of Becoming a Genuine High Class Courtesan

Model posing for elite courtesan servicesEvery busy and a hard working successful gentleman who lives a bustling life deserves to have an exceptional companion to make their business trips, events, and meetings more glamorous, enjoyable and full of unforgettable memories. Thus, our elite introduction agency never breaks the promise we made to every high profile client that we will only offer nothing but the best of the best companionship services and that our high class models have everything you are searching for in a lady. These ladies are born with natural elegance and beauty but we will never stop nurturing their qualities for them to become a high class lady every man needs.

Aside from choosing our team of elite and exceptional models through the most meticulous manner, our agency also utilizes a great amount of effort to train them to reach a certain high level of excellence in all areas of femininity. Mona Lisa Models® allows each lady to bloom on their most beautiful and highest potential through practicing and harnessing their own individual strengths. Their personal characters are appropriately being taken care of and developed in a way that they would not lose their own uniqueness while their mind and body are maintained, and their talents are being honed to reach its highest capabilities. Expect that all of our ladies are always looking for improvements, new learning, and knowledge.

All of the Mona Lisa Models® companions are entrusted to start as an apprentice of the high class courtesanship. They are expected to learn the real value of being a high class escort, develop their talents and adapt to the world of companionship services. Courtesanship is the term applied to this type of apprenticeship and it is expected to last for a period of three months up to a year based on the areas of improvement a lady needs to be highlighted and nurtured. Most of our talented ‘apprentices’ get their first two appointments as assistants of astounding and certified high class courtesans. Although, they are just for pure assistance and not presented for full companionship service as they are just getting an actual and personal training through watching your chosen geisha in action. These situations are only possible when a lady is seen with high potentials, able to quickly learn every little thing, naturally born with poise and gracefulness and the agency only provides them nothing but guides and actual experiences to fully express these talents. Some ladies need more attention in terms of etiquette, image, and articulation, but every VIP client should be assured, as we will not stop until they reach their fullest potential and present them to you in their full bloom. Every lady should also be assured that their unique personalities will never be bothered or controlled; these training will never be about tutoring the personality, it is all about their talents and etiquettes. Our agency is highly encouraging every woman to reveal their true selves. As an international companionship agency with many years of experience, we believe that every woman is born with a naturally beautiful heart; you have the passion, the warmth and the talent to become an elite companion. Our elite gentlemen continuously trust our services because of this fact.

Elite Companion from a High Class International Companionship Agency

fireworks with model posing at the cameraBeing a trusted high end international companionship agency, we expect that our models are going to represent us in the same way. We are all human and we are all imperfectly beautiful, we know that every lady is beautiful in their own way. As we let our set of companions to be true to their own selves, our high profile clientele gets a chance for a consultation to make sure they are only paired with their dream lady. With this process, you will be left with an assurance that you will be able to spend a mutually pleasurable time together. Satisfaction from both of the parties, the gentleman and his companion will only create nothing but beautiful memories to remember.

Our agency is made to create a mutually beneficial and highly pleasurable environment for elite clientele and equally gorgeous young women. We have high ideals but we will never force our elite companions to change their personalities. Our high end international agency aims to provide naturally beautiful and well mannered courtesans, they are not trained to become as strict and controlled as robots but they are encouraged to discover their talents, passion, classiness and natural warmth to bloom as a genuine high class model. Expect that all this is not just empty words; rest assured that these things are all taken into action and Mona Lisa Models® guarantees our gentlemen nothing but the most luxurious experience with the highest quality companions who have passed and exceeded all of the agency qualifications in terms of gracefulness, etiquette, and the art of intimate entertainment. Expect that all of our ladies are working hard to be the best version of them for their own career improvement and not because of the material things they can get from clientele and from this arrangement. Our agency models are not just the epitome of beauty, classiness, elegance, and sophistication; they have also learned the art of professionalism and exquisiteness. If you are a well-mannered gentleman who seeks an exceptional companion, expect that Mona Lisa Models® is always just a click away, and if you are a gorgeous young lady who is looking for a place where you can improve your lifestyle, we are here for potential ladies who want to reach their best selves as a high class companions at a trusted elite international companionship agency.

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