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New York City is known for its beautiful skyline and excellent commercial district. The big city is the ultimate consumer’s dream - no matter where you go, there are shops and restaurants on every block of the city. You don’t have to go far to find what you’re looking for, whether it be authentic English cuisine, or a famous shopping Boutique.

Members of New York’s elite love to live in luxury, and spend their days wining, dining and shopping to celebrate their successes. The city never runs out of events from premier nights, social gatherings to award shows and music festivals. And because a high class companion is always needed for such events, our gorgeous models at elite New York escorts are always in high demand.

Model poses for elite New York escortsThe best thing about New York is its magnificent skyline, which can be enjoyed from a variety of locations, especially at night. Take our lovely ladies on a trip to the Empire State building or the Top of the Rock observation deck to see the city in all its wonders. Nothing says luxury dining more than having a quiet dinner for two with a fantastic view of NYC’s lights and towering skyscrapers. Distinguished gentlemen with an appreciation for culture and history will love a night out on Broadway. Catching a musical or a live show from NYC’s greatest entertainment district is a treat for the senses, especially if you have a stylish and classy lady by your side. Take our models to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History and be awestruck at how knowledgeable she is in terms of arts, culture and history. She’ll pique your curiosity with her knowledge of surrealist art and NYC’s intimate history.

If you want the companionship and undivided attention of a beautiful and well presented woman, we have several ladies who are dying to meet you! We guarantee that each date will be unique, interesting and would, of course, cater to your preferences. Our ladies will provide intellectually stimulating conversation, pleasant and comforting companionship, and a face and body that will leave your senses reeling. Her charm and amiable nature will surely help you relax, unwind and forget the travails of work and home for as long as she is by your side.

The Lovely Ladies of Elite New York Escorts

So what makes our lovely ladies stand out from the rest of the competition? Our Elite New York Escorts models exude class from the way she looks, down to the way she speaks. After all, we believe that only queens make suitable companions for kings. Our dating service go beyond looks - we look for classy women with substance. She will keep you interested with New York’s colorful history and can contribute to conversations without skipping a beat.

High class models in NYCAside from boasting alluring bodies and attractive facial features, they are also well-read and knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. She has her own opinions and she can articulate them in a charming manner and she can speak her mind without others taking offense. We train our ladies to carry themselves in a graceful manner, from the way they dress to the way they observe etiquette in restaurants, theaters, and other establishments. In this manner, she becomes a suitable companion not only for private dates and getaways but for large functions such as grand balls, company events, and galas.

The Elite Dating Service Guarantee

Although we groom our ladies to be the perfect companion that you’d love to show off to everyone, we recognize that our clients have varying circumstances. This is why our elite dating service guarantees discretion should the client request for it. We will never release details about your date and companion to anyone and your client profile is considered confidential information. As distinguished gentlemen in society, you may want to keep your dates unbeknownst to the public. If this is the case, we respect our clients’ privacy and do everything in our power to protect your reputation.

Exclusive Benefits for Loyal Members

We know our gorgeous ladies are more than enough to keep clients coming back, but we want to give you more reasons to entrust us with your continued patronage. Once you are an elite member of our elite dating service, you gain access to a plethora of benefits and perks. One such advantage is the unlimited access to our database of private online profiles. These are the profiles of our lovely models, which give you everything from basic information such as their vital statistics to personal secrets. Our ladies have their own personal quirks and interests that define them and make them unique from other women. Equipped with this information, you can make your dates even more successful by choosing women you find particularly interesting and arranging dates that are tailored to any newfound common interests.

Entertaining and Pleasurable Experiences

While our beautiful models make excellent traveling companions around the world, you don’t need to go far away from NYC to have a good time. Dine at any of New York’s fancy restaurants - with so many establishments to choose from, you can sample everything from modern American cuisine, to authentic Greek dishes. The city is abundant with historical and cultural landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty, to the 9/11 memorial. For a city that’s so modernized, it does a good job at staying true to its roots, and is definitely worthy of any gentleman with distinguished taste. Let our fascinating ladies be your ultimate tour guide to New York and make the experience not only entertaining but pleasurable as well.

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