High Class Paris Escorts Fulfill the Desires of Gentlemen

Elite Paris escorts beckon refined gentlemen who want to enjoy the glorious "City of Lights" in the way it was meant to be enjoyed – with passion, romance, and desires fulfilled. Paris is one of the most romantic places on earth, and it should never be experienced alone.

Elite model posing for Paris escorts Fortunately, gentlemen of distinction can share the sights and sounds of places like the nightclubs in the République and Oberkampf neighborhood, the Eiffel Tower, or the Musée d'Orsay, or attend an event at the Palace of Versailles, with a woman exceeding all expectations. Elite companions are not only gorgeous. They are sophisticated and intelligent, making them ideal company for refined gentlemen who are familiar with the city or who need a companion to show them the best that Paris has to offer. His reward for offering a model a high class date is ultimate intimacy in the privacy of his quarters. A date with a Paris escort who has achieved elite status is a date with a woman who has achieved perfection in every way. She has a wonderful personality, an adventurous spirit, a desire to experience the world, a sexy body, and a wish to enjoy intimacy with a gentleman who is appreciative.

Often, successful gentlemen find themselves alone because their lifestyles place them in that situation. They are frequently traveling on business, running an enterprise, or staying busy managing their investments. They do not have a lot of time to develop relationships. Often, they find themselves in some of the world's most exciting cities and would like a companion who wants to help him unwind from daily stress. Sometimes, a gentleman needs a companion who can spend a few days with him or is able to travel for a week or longer. Elite travel escorts in Paris are international women who believe in enjoying the many exciting opportunities the world presents. Each model is intelligent, always ready to expand horizons, and enjoys the company of refined gentlemen.

What makes a woman elite? She is beautiful beyond a gentleman's imagination. She has a fit body with amazing curves and cannot help but entice him with her sensual ways. It comes naturally, but she is also discrete. She gives her companion her full attention, making him feel special and the center of her world. She is always dressed fashionably and takes great care to ensure her hair and makeup are flawless. Add an irresistible personality and enormous sex appeal, and the formula for an ideal woman is complete. A gentleman will find he is bewitched with her charms the minute they meet. All of these qualities come together to make the courtesan incredibly sensual and able to satisfy the gentleman who expects the very best at all times.

Paris Escorts Have Their Own Special Aura

Paris is a city like no other. People say it has a special aura about it that cannot be found elsewhere. It is an aura that emanates from its fantastic cafes serving exquisite French food, the famous nightclubs that come alive late at night, world class museums like Musée Picasso and the Louvre, and exquisite gardens like the Jardin des Tuileries. The elite companion also has a special aura, making the days and nights in Paris even more memorable when in her company. For a woman to achieve the elite courtesan status, she too must be exquisitely beautiful, a world-class seductress, deliciously exciting, and have a charming personality. She may be a Paris-born beauty or an international woman. The high class escort is a woman who is intelligent, sophisticated, and confident.

How does a gentleman choose a model from our Paris escorts selection when they are all so breathtakingly beautiful? He will discover that companions represent all races, ethnicities, and shades of color. They have different heights, but all have womanly curves that cannot help but make a gentleman feel lustful. The women have varying personalities, so gentlemen clients will find many options. Some men prefer quiet, seductive personalities, while others desire a woman who is outgoing and has a clear sense of adventure. The escort will exude charm and refinement, enchanting everyone she meets. Gentlemen requesting the companionship of a high class companion is also assured she will be discrete at all times.

Delighting in the Companionship of Elite Courtesans in Paris

Beautiful models in Paris City day and nightElite escorts in Paris are intelligent women who are successful models, actresses, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and university students. They are talented women who can mingle with celebrities, wealthy business people, and high class society with ease. This makes them ideal dates for gentlemen who must attend a high class business or social event and does not want to attend alone. She can spend a few hours, a whole day, a weekend, an entire week, or longer. She is happy to have a dinner date in Paris or a quiet dinner in a gentleman's private residence. The elite model can wear a cocktail dress that enhances her curves, a bikini that showcases her elegant physique, or a fashionable outfit that is ideal for whatever kind of date a gentlemen has in mind. The high class courtesan is a companion who can converse on a variety of topics, use her charm to a gentleman's advantage, and remain discrete at all times. However, when alone together, she becomes a vixen, a temptress, and a seductress. Intimate time together is a glorious experience that offers complete physical satisfaction. How can a gentleman resist such a woman? He cannot! 

Brilliant Golden Experiences Erase a Gentleman's Stress

Some gentlemen are looking for tranquility because of the high stress level that always seems to come with success. A walk in the garden of the Museum of Romantic Life with an elite date is the perfect introduction to an intimate experience to come later. There many spots like this in Paris because this is a city that believes companions should take the time to get to know each other amid the glory of Mother Nature. What could be more peaceful that sitting in the Square du Vert Galant and spending time getting to know each other? Perhaps spending time in the impressive gardens of the Champ de Mars or a stroll on the banks of the Seine can help a couple relax while unleashing desire. The elite Paris courtesan is a woman who understands a gentleman needs to feel secure in her companionship in order to reach the heights of ecstasy. Taking the time to learn about each other's interests and desires sets the stage for ultimate enjoyment. Sometimes at night, Paris seems like a city built of gold, and that is what an elite escort offers – a golden experience that adds shimmer and sparkle to a gentleman's life.

Perfection Defines Companions and Their Ability to Please

If high class escorts in Paris sound like perfect women, it is because they are as close to perfection as a human being can get. Each woman is a perfect date in all ways. She enjoys a variety of experiences, focuses fully on her gentleman companion, shines with a gorgeousness that most women never achieve, and is a perfect lover. Refined gentlemen spend time with a high class companion because they need the emotional and physical attention that makes life so grand. Mona Lisa Models® offers the crème de la crème of beautiful accomplished women who want to spend time with gentlemen of distinction interested in enjoying life with someone who can meet their high standards. To see the perfection in the models, peruse the online gallery of images. You can also visit our models in London for exciting traveling experience. None of the images are touched up or photoshopped except the watermark. What a client sees online is what a client will savor when he meets his chosen companion. Just be prepared to be overwhelmed with her beauty and graciousness.

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