Important Agency Terms and Conditions to Keep in Mind

Agency terms and conditionsEvery distinguished gentleman would agree that having an elite, beautiful and sophisticated companion while traveling can make all the difference. Of course, the combination of business and pleasure is strictly governed by a high-end international introduction agency. This is to ensure that all parties involved are safe, satisfied and protected. When it comes to delivering the best companionship experience, our elite companionship agency can guarantee that every gentleman will experience an unforgettable sensual touch which boasts a unique kind of pleasure, excitement, and most of all, unmatched elegance. Our models are not just beautiful on the outside; they are all exclusive, equally intelligent, well-articulated, sexy, and sociable. Just like your most favorite charm, you would not think twice about having one of our models by your side. However, like any other companionship agency thriving in the industry today, we have our own agency terms and conditions we strictly follow. Just like how you value the need for a great companion by your side, we also treat these rules and conditions with the same significance. By complying with these regulations, we ensure not just the credibility of Mona Lisa Models®, but most of all, your utmost safety and satisfaction, along with the guaranteed high-class services that we offer to you.

The Agency Terms and Conditions for Personal Entertainment Purposes

This website is operated by Mona Lisa Models®. Our primary target market is the distinguished and traveling gentlemen. By having an in-depth knowledge of the elite companionship industry, we have tailored sophisticated services which aim to be used for personal entertainment purposes only. All the services and content that you would find on the website are not to be considered as legal advice. Everything posted here is carefully reviewed and tailored based on our knowledge and experience of the industry.

If you have decided to use this site to hire our elite companionship services, you must first agree to the following agency terms and conditions before you continue. Anything that you would find on this site must not be used for any purposes which are against the law. We hold the right to apply changes and revisions as necessary, so it is strongly recommended to check this site from time to time for new updates. In case something happened because you failed to check the changes and revisions, the agency is not to be blamed.

Terms and rules of servicesThe Agency Terms and Conditions for Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

As our valued client, we ensure that your utmost privacy and confidentiality is on top of our considerations. We have created our services to deliver the utmost entertainment only. Through our proven ways which are governed by the law, your rights and your protection are strongly guaranteed. In exchange, we ask you to do the same for us. Everything that is on display, from the design to the wording, colors, graphics, protocols and other systems involved, you must acknowledge that all the materials available belong to the agency. The content is considered as our sole proprietary intellectual property. The agency strictly values these properties and everything is protected by trademarks, service marks, copyrights, patents, or other proprietary rights as permitted by the law. You must agree that you are restricted to use such materials found within this site without first asking the permission of the agency.

Among the prohibited acts include questioning an elite model in hopes of gaining personal and private information. Investigating about how the company operates, how the agency hires the models and how the agency bills clients are also governed by this restrictions. Moreover, you must be in agreement that you do not have the right to copy the works of this site which include everything that was aforementioned.

The Agency Terms and Conditions Regarding Refunds

Please note that our high-end international  agency does not provide refunds of any kind except if the issue falls under the management’s discretion.  In every case filed, we have a team which carefully reviews if a refund is necessary. There is a streamlined process and the client is required to be in full cooperation. We always conduct a thorough assessment to find out the real reason why a client is asking for a refund. Only upon careful analysis will the agency release a decision if the client’s claim is just or not.

Submitted Reviews and Testimonials Will Automatically Belong to the Agency

Long-term-onlyUpon visiting the site, you would surely notice the clients’ testimonials and reviews. The agency confirms that everything posted on the website is true. The wordings and the content reflect the genuine experiences and opinions of the previous clients. Distinguished gentlemen are not required to submit their testimonials but if they want to do so, they must be in agreement that anything they submit to the site automatically becomes the property of the agency. The reviews are considered as exclusive property and we have the right to make reproductions. We also have the right to edit and filter the words for the site’s best interest without changing the general content of the submitted reviews or testimonials. We will also decide whether to publish the submitted content or not. The agency has a team that reviews the submitted testimonials and of course, the negative reviews will be filtered. The distinguished gentleman who submitted the particular content has the right to include their initials or their preferred username.

The Agency Services Are Intended for Gentlemen and Ladies of Legal Age Only

Our International introduction agency services cater refined gentlemen of legal age only. This website and everything that can be found within is not intended to be viewed by minors. If you decide to enter and explore this website, then you are also confirming that you are already 18 or older. The agency will not be responsible for any issue relating to minor users who decided to use the website. However, if the said user violates the terms and conditions and inflicts damage to the agency, we hold the right to take necessary legal actions to settle the issue.

Why Do You Need to Follow the Agency Terms and Conditions?

As a high-end international introduction agency, our sole purpose is to bring the utmost entertainment and pleasure to refined gentlemen. We do the hard work of finding and hiring only the best companions from different parts of the world, offering a variety of choices to fit anyone’s needs and preferences. However, to make sure that all parties will be satisfied, our services must be strictly governed by the law and everyone must be in full cooperation to ensure that matters will run as smooth and as efficient as possible. We do our jobs of providing the best companionship services to anyone of legal age as long as the client agrees to the agency terms and conditions. As a companionship agency, we fully understand the laws and the rules which governed this industry. From your confidentiality to your privacy and down to your safety, we can guarantee that you’ll have a kind of experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. So, with all due respect, we fully expect that you will do the same for us. This process aims to deliver the best interest of both parties. As for us, we can guarantee that we will continue to strive to be able to provide only the best of the best. You can also read our Privacy Policy to understand how serious we are about protecting every individual's confidentiality.

Do Not Copy Content

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