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As a coastal city, the typical traveler would expect Melbourne to list beaches as one of its most popular tourist draws. Although the city does have numerous scenic coastlines, the capital of Victoria is known to esteemed gentlemen everywhere as the city of Arts and Literature. While its plazas, public squares, and clubs are popular with the masses, it also has a number of museums, historical buildings and shrines for high class travelers.

City gallery of elite Melbourne escortsAnd of course, if you’re a discerning gentleman who wants to experience Melbourne in style, you’ll only want the best female companion for your travels. Here at elite Melbourne escorts, we have beautiful fresh looking women who will share your appreciation for the arts and ensure that your sojourn around Melbourne is as intellectually stimulating as it is sensually titillating.

No cultural experience in Melbourne would be complete without a tour of the National Gallery of Victoria. The oldest museum in Australia, the building is an architectural masterpiece in itself. It boasts a vast collection of art pieces from local artists, including several artifacts from Australia's own aborigines. It also contains several works from international artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt, Renoir and Manet, to name a few. Our stylish and graceful models will accompany you on your artistic sojourn and awe you with her knowledge on artistic styles and famous painters.

Cultured gentleman with discerning tastes will also appreciate a visit to Collins Street, one of the oldest streets in Melbourne. Take a trip down memory lane as your senses are treated to Victorian architecture that has been beautifully preserved through the years. The street is home to a number of high-end Boutique shops and heritage “Parisian” buildings that wonderfully contrast the modern skyscrapers found on Queen Street, which is located just a few blocks away. The street is considered a high end retail plaza, with world known elite brands setting up shops there.

Elite Melbourne Escorts For The Successful Businessman

Aside from being a center of the arts, Melbourne is also home to several corporate headquarters. Queen Street is Melbourne’s main business district as evidenced by the towering skyscrapers that have made this street their home. This means that the city is also crawling with hard-working businessmen, tycoons, corporate geniuses and entrepreneurs. As zealous champions that keep Melbourne’s economic torch alive and burning, these esteemed individuals deserve only the best whenever their hectic schedules allow for even a few hours of respite. This is why our elite Melbourne escorts are trained to be the perfect companions, fit to be in the presence of such high class clientele.

Take your date on a peaceful getaway - a few hours on the famous Yarra Valley with our gorgeous ladies is more than enough to reinvigorate your senses and relieve you of the stresses of the corporate race. Our models make the perfect companion for a private balloon ride across the valley or an afternoon wine tasting session at the local vineyard. You’ll be surprised how knowledgeable our ladies are when it comes to wine vintages. The way she carries herself, from the way she holds her wine glass, to her choices in clothing, scream refinement and poise.

Creating the Perfect High Class Melbourne Companions

High class models gallery in MelbourneOur high class service believes in providing only the best female companions for our exclusive clientele. The ladies undergo a stringent selection and training process and only those with the perfect balance of grace, hospitality, looks and wit pass our test. Each companion is armed with poise, refinement, excellent observance of etiquette, fashion sense, hospitality and communication skills. As a center of arts, culture and finance, it is only fitting that our ladies are knowledgeable about current events as well as Melbourne’s colorful history. She will keep you interested for hours on end, and will be attentive to your needs throughout your date.

The Best Female Companion To Match Your Style

We have a vast selection of beautiful models who will be honored to serve as your companion around Melbourne. The city is known as a melting pot of several cultures, and our gallery reflects this with ladies coming from different ethnicities and backgrounds. We recognize that personality and wit are just as important as looks, so our only profiles are more than just images and videos of our models. As an exclusive VIP member, you are granted access to these profiles, which contain valuable information about each lady’s individual talents, skills and interests. Choose a companion with similar tastes and interests and you’re in for a pleasant date filled with interesting conversation. Or if you’re the adventurous type, you can select a companion who’s the complete opposite of your personality. She’ll take you out of your comfort zone and make you experience things you’ve never felt before in your life. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn new and interesting things, and who better to teach you than a sensual and gorgeous instructor?

Discreet and High Quality Dating for the Discerning Gentleman

Our clientele’s trust and loyalty are of utmost importance to us, which is why we strive to deliver personal and consistent service each and every time. Our ladies are guaranteed to give you a memorable date that you’ll keep coming back to, and our service guarantees discreet and stress free transactions each and every time. Each transaction is discreetly labeled, and our ladies are professionals who will keep any details about you and your date private. With your safety and personal needs in mind, you spend less time worrying about the repercussions and more time enjoying the company of our beautiful models.

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