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Bangkok has gained a solid reputation as one of the best destinations in Asia when it comes to sex tourism. Each year, the city draws millions of tourists who want to experience sensual bliss amidst Bangkok’s lively nightlife and of course, the notorious red light district. However, these pleasures are for the masses and we highly doubt distinguished gentlemen would be satisfied - not to mention safe - with the typical sauna, massage parlor and short-time hotels. This is why here our Elite Bangkok Escorts, offer a sensual and memorable experience that’s a cut above the rest.

Undeniably, when you hear the word Bangkok, the first thing that comes to mind is its sex industry. However, the city has much more to offer, for exquisite Thai architecture to its wonderful cuisine. At night, Bangkok comes to life with celebration, laughter, music, and the aroma of delicious food. Gentlemen of discerning tastes have a plethora of options available to them if they want to enjoy the Bangkok nightlife, and the only thing missing is the perfect companion to make your nights more memorable and interesting. Our beautiful ladies make the perfect companions to the most choosy and finicky of clients who want only the best to elevate their Bangkok experience.

Enjoy elite Bangkok escorts and modelsBetween Bangkok’s busy highways to its unusually large population, it’s easy for any tourist to get lost or fall into tourist traps, resulting in them getting a substandard and unsafe experience for their money. Let our gorgeous models be your tour guide and she’ll recommend only the best destinations fit for an established VIP such as yourself. Visit grand Buddhist temples and royal palaces like the Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun while our well-read models pique your interests with their knowledge of Thai history. Enjoy the most delectable fusion of Asian and Indian cuisine at fine dining restaurants with a date blessed with immaculate etiquette skills and the fashion style that rivals that of haute couture models. Our lovely ladies have the looks, the curves, the intellect and the grace that will make your date memorable and your Bangkok experience all the more enjoyable.

Elite Bangkok Escorts for the Successful Businessman

Our service also caters to the successful entrepreneurs and corporate hotshots that make up Bangkok’s high society. In this city, the rat race is particularly challenging and arduous, which is why getting to the top of the ladder is a feat only a few can muster. Our elite escort services are considered a status symbol, similar to expensive gold watches, fast exotic cars and modern villas - luxuries available only to the high-class and successful members of society. After years of clawing your way to the top of the corporate ladder, why not enjoy the fruits of your hard labor by making elite Bangkok escorts a regular part of your leisure time. Experience the best dating encounters available, where you are the king with a refined and classy queen to do your bidding.

Our gorgeous models make the perfect traveling companion for any discerning businessman. She will take your arm and stay by your side in any public function - whether it be a social gathering or an important business conference. With her wits and grace, she can properly respond to queries and contribute to conversations in a clever and refined manner, making you the envy of your peers. And once all public events are done, she also makes the perfect confidant behind closed doors, whether it be a private dinner at an exclusive restaurant or intimate moments in your VIP penthouse. She will be attentive to your needs and cater to all your desires. Her gorgeous body and tantalizing face will leave you breathless and her skills will leave you wanting more.

Discreet Bangkok Dating Services

Select your international companion in BangkokTourists travel all the way to Bangkok to experience its nightlife and hot intimate industry because of privacy reasons. When you’re in another country, there’s less risk of your undertakings reaching the ears of your boss, your partner, your relatives, and your friends. However, some things can still jeopardize your reputation, such as credit card transactions and your photos or videos finding its way to the Internet. Our services eliminate all worries regarding privacy and security. Your credit card transactions are labeled discreetly, and our wonderful ladies are sworn to secrecy by signing legal confidentiality agreements. Your client information is given the highest regard and any details about you and your date are strictly confidential.

Finding the Perfect Lady Companion for You

We pride ourselves on our wide selection of gorgeous models that deliver the perfect dating experience. Our strict selection process guarantees that only the finest ladies pass the test. We look for more than just looks - our ladies are extremely well-read, refined and have a hospitable personality. To get to know more about our ladies, please check their online private profiles, also if you are a VIP member of our service you will be able to access a lot of personal secrets of our models. You’ll see that our ladies are more than just eye candy - a majority of them have college degrees from elite schools, while others are aspiring models with interesting talents. By browsing through their intimate profiles, you gain valuable insight into our ladies’ personalities and can choose the companion who matches your style and preferences perfectly.

A Companion to Fit All Situations

So whether you’re a tourist who’s in need of a little rest and recreation, or a local business magnate who wants to celebrate their success in style, the high class ladies of our elite dating service is the fitting companion for all situations. She not only handles each situation beautifully, but elevates it to give our clients a fulfilling experience.

You can also enjoy our elite models in Singapore or visit our beautiful companions in Hong Kong.

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